Episode 19 – Nella Yoga


Shanell Peterson, the founder/owner/everything of Nella Yoga, graces the 19th episode of the Black Yoga Superstars Podcast!

Nella Yoga is located in Kansas City, Missouri and offers a haven for beginners of yoga, even advanced beginners. Shanell also extols the benefits of eliminating sugar from your life in order to have a healthier and happier human existence. 

In this episode, Shanell and I talk about:

  • Tips for starting a yoga studio in a city you’re new to
  • Opening a studio is easy, building a community is the challenge
  • Everything you want to do is a series of steps then it’s done
  • How watching a documentary helped her transition to vegan
  • Her experience giving up sugar and losing 85 pounds
  • Advice for giving up sugar to any sugar addicts 


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